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Sublimation experts

Our advanced experience technicians can assist you with a wide range of technical help as:

Installation, Maintenance & Service on site:

  •  Delivery, installation, and start-up adjustment of your new machine on site.
  • Training for usage of the equipment and RIP software.
  • Maintenance and service work on site.

Colour management:

  •  Creation of ICC color profiles for color accuracy.
  • Set-up of high-quality print.
  •  High-accuracy color measurements with Barbieri and Eye-one spectrophotometers.


  •  Tap into our knowledge and experience in the areas of large format printing, best medias for achieving desired outcomes, RIP software, color management, and anything else related to the dye sublimation printing.
  • We provide professional consultation, training and assistance through phone, e-mail, TeamViewer, AnyDesk and on site.

What sets us apart from others?

For our 20 years of operations we have been dealing globally with the most famous brands in the sublimation printing industry.

Because of our in-depth knowledge of sublimation printing we keep on going when others give up. For years now clients come to us because they cannot find adequate help elsewhere and stay because our technical service has become a natural element for their smooth operations.

ragorn does not simply sell products – we become a reliable partner in your textile printing business. 

We understand the importance of your smooth operations and act promptly upon all inquiries.