There’re thousands of different kinds of printed garments and accessories, including swimwear, neck-ties, silk house dresses, underwear, bags, sneakers, t-shirts and much more. And each one is printed on a different natural, organic or synthetic fabric: cotton, silk, wool, polyester, satin, velvet, viscose. Among our range of graphic and industrial textile printers, we can provide end-to-end solutions for producing small, medium and high quantities of fashion items.


Carpets, sofas, chairs, beds, pillows, walls, ceilings, curtains, pieces of furniture. There’re so many textile items that can be easily printed, decorated and customized using inkjet printing. We can provide a range of printing technologies for the fast-growing home textile market.


Printing and customization of sportswear for cycling or skiing, in small or large quantities, is quickly turning into one of the most lucrative and creative businesses of digital textiles. Find out how, thanks to D.Gen and our partners, printing sportswear is easier than ever.


Flags are adopted as one of the most effective, visible and adaptable communication systems. Flags are able to carry brand and product identity, but they’re also relatively inexpensive in terms of cost/visibility ratio. We can find the right solution for you to produce flags with bright colors, high outdoor durability and competitive production costs.


Textile designs can be printed and stored on a relatively cheap substrate, such as paper, and then transferred to fabrics using heat presses and calenders. This can be done for many reasons, including special quality and technical requirements, budget, storage requirements and capability to repeat the same subject at any time without re-starting the printer. We are very careful of our customers’ needs and thanks to our printing concepts, we can offer a complete, versatile and affordable solution for transfer paper printing.


This recently coined term refers to a wide range of graphic and advertising applications printed on flexible textile substrates, such as flags, banners, backlites, graphics for POS and shows, mainly printed using dye-sublimation for direct or transfer printing on polyester, or even solvent, UV or latex ink chemistries. For all these applications the true textile printing provided by our partners is proving its effectiveness in terms of fastness, vibrant colors, double-side viewing, recyclability, outdoor durability, resistance to abrasion and washing cycles. We can provide some of the best soft signage solutions for the global market.